Thursday, August 20, 2009

Skywatch Friday No. 58

Sodus Bay

1 sailboat - 2 birds

"To see the Summer Sky
Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie -
True Poems flee."

~Emily Dickinson

More photos of the world wide skies of Skywatch Friday No. 58 at


Louise said...

I only found one bird. But even small (where I could not see the sailboat OR birds), it is still a nice capture. It's sort of mysterious. I like it.

Cindy said...

The sea looks like it is a part of the sky. (I found both birds.)

James said...

I found both birds and the boat. It gives the feeling of being out to sea. It also looks strangely familiar to me.

J Bar said...

Sydney - City and Suburbs

Regina said...

Soft and nice.

Eric SomeSkyMoments said...

Great, it looks like a puzzle, only i see them when its in full size, well done!!

Have a nice SWF.

chrome3d said...

Refreshing minimalism. A true haven of peace.

I found quite many spots of dust and filth on my screen too while looking for the birds. Got to fix that. Thanks!