Sunday, December 26, 2010

Today's Flowers # 125

Roses for Christmas

"We wish you a Merry Christmas"

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Muhammad khabbab said...

Happy new year. That is great, my post is on roses too :)

Luna Miranda said...

your roses are beautiful.
wishing you a fabulous New Year!

Quilt Works said...

Roses for Christmas is perfect! Wonderful to see your beautiful flower on this snowy day!
Makes me feel warm and not worry that much about the over a foot of snow we are expecting!

Laerte Pupo said...

Happy New Year to you and to your family.

The roses are beautiful.

Jama said...

Gorgeous roses, I love them!

eden said...

Beautiful roses.

Happy New Year in advance!

guild-rez said...

The world is a rose;
smell it and pass it to your friends.
- Persian Proverb
Thank you for sharing your beautiful roses with me!!
Happy New Year.

Míriam Luiza said...

Lindas rosas! Feliz ano novo!