Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sepia Scences #56

Time Out for Thanksgiving Dinner

"Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare.
They are consumed in twelve minutes.
Half-times take twelve minutes.
This is not coincidence."
~  Erma Bombeck

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Annie said...

Cool! Beavers?

maryt/theteach said...

Looks like the beavers have been at it again! :) Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Marice said...

awww what a nice capture and it really looks great in sepia!

u may view mine here

@nemonen said...

It lookes like beavers had been there. Happy Thanksgiving

Ralph said...

The dry grasses seem so right in sepia, the monochrome adding a bit more life to them. The work will still be there after the day of thanks, take the time for yourself...

foto CHIP *Birgitta* said...

Oh my - are you doing the dinner together or do you only have these 12 minutes together?
The opposite would work better maybe ;)