Monday, August 9, 2010

Gummy Macro Monday

Orange Dragonfly
Flame Skimmer

"This dragonfly came up to me.
He was hovering right in front of my face,
and I was really examining him, thinking,
How does he see me?
I became enlightened."
~Ziggy Marley

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Just Bits and Pieces said...

Great shot!

Anonymous said...

How'd you spot that lil guy?! Cool capture!!!

fredamans said...

Very cool bug, but I like the beads of water on the leaves too!

Chesney said...

What a great shot...a bug and water drops in the same image! Nice!

Anonymous said...

Nice details in this shot - thanks for sharing.

GrandmaK said...

The dragon fly is so hard for me to get on film. Well done! Cathy