Saturday, August 14, 2010

Macro Flowers Saturday #23

Canna lily

"Let us dance in the sun,
wearing wild flowers in our hair..."
~Susan Polis Shutz

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Janneke said...

Beautiful shot from this Canna.
love the color of it

Janneke X

bfarr said...

Very pretty shot.

fredamans said...

I've never seen one in red before! Beautiful!

BJ Roan said...

I saw a Canna Lily on my way to the farmers market this morning, but I couldn't stop due to traffic. This one is beautiful.

AL said...

Our neighbor has a yellow canna lily it looks very lovely like yours!

Judy said...

I love the vivid colours of canna lilies! And the marigolds in the background accent it, too!

maiaT said...

I've seen many cannas this weekend. This is a gorgeous one, more beautiful than mine.
Have a great Sunday!

leavesnbloom said...

Pretty flower on this canna - I would love to be able to grow these.